What is NCovTrack?

NCovTrack is an independent project aimed to provide an easy-to-use source of detailed COVID-19 and Vaccination statistics in details. NCovTrack was founded by George Karabassis on 24th of May 2020. Since then, the platform has been used more than 30 million times!

NCovTrack (originally as Covid19LiveSpread), was found by a Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence student, George Karabassis back in May the 24th. NCovTrack started as a fun project with aim to keep the public up to date with the latest COVID-19 statistics, including sub-regional data where available. The project underwent numerous renovations, by including vaccination statistics from January to UX & UI changes to make it easy for people of any age, to navigate and use the website and find the information they are looking for. Thanks to the continuous public demand and feedback, it brought the project to this stage.

So far, NCovTrack has been used more than 30 million times by people with intent to stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 & vaccination statistics in their local area. NCovTrack has made coverages in numerous news outlets, including MediaNews Group, Inc.

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About the Creator

George Karabassis is a Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence student based in the University of Edinbrugh. George created NCovTrack (initially Covid19LiveSpread) during the first lockdown as he wanted to provide an easier and different way to access the latest COVID-19 data and better understand how the virus was spreading accross the world and regional-wise from multiple countries.

While George is working hard to keep this project the best as it can be, he has also worked in other projects with work being recognized by Google. To learn more on what George is up to, feel free to connect with him!

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Something is not right?

If you see something which is not right or something which doesn't work properly, or any other enquiry, please contact George on his personal E-mail address at: georgek981 [at] yahoo (dot) com.