Meet and learn more about all the volunteers who are helping me to make Covid19 Live Spread the main COVID-19 information Hub.
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Daniel is physicist and classically trained baritone, currently completing his masters at The University of Edinburgh. Prior to studying at university he was a finalist in the UK Cybersecurity Challenge in 2015, which led him to working in the industry, liaising with government to make cyberspace a safer place to be.

Daniel is acting as a consultant on this project and using his influence to spread knowledge of the site.

Daniel joined on the 18th of Jan 2021.

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Tommaso is currently pursuing a masters degree in management at the University of Cambridge. He is particularly fascinated by technology and how it can enhance people’s experiences and solve important problems.

Tommaso is acting as a consultant to maximize the success of the project, such as to maximize the number of people who can benefit from the latest data and news around covid-19.

Tommaso joined on the 18th of Jan 2021.

If you think you can be a big of a help ranging from spreading the website to as many people as possible all the way to helping me getting the latest and up to date COVID-19 info from your country or region and display it to this website, make sure to contact me at georgek981 (at) yahoo [dot] com to collaborate!