nCovTrack API Documentation

Currently, the API is under development and some capabilities of it are in the experimental stage including displaying a vaccine tracker map in your website. The plan is to make the API free and easy to use among news outlets and individuals who would like to display a vaccine dashboard in their website. More information to come in the upcoming weeks. Please keep in mind that the docs will be very vague, as I am mostly experimenting with API's at this stage. Of course, if you would like to have early access, please do let me know!


Whats new in 1.0.0?

To display a vaccine world map in your website, use the following Iframe code:

<iframe src="" title="ncovtrack - COVID & Vaccination Statistics" height='500' width='928'> </iframe>

You may change the width and the hight attibute values depending on your website layout.

Whats new in 1.1.0?

While 1.0.0 allowed to display the worldwide vaccination map, 1.1.0 will give you the opportunity to display a map of all available countries and regions (both COVID-19 and Vaccine where available) in your website.

No need to worry to manually update your audience about the daily cases. I am doing the hard work for your for free!

How to display a country or regional map?

All you need to do is to modify the URL of the map. The URL is formatted as follows:[map type]/[country?]/[division category?]/[region?]/[second division category?]

(where questionmark '?' indicated the parameter is optional).

From the parameters, [map type] can only be replaced with either 'vaccine' or 'covid', where the vaccine or COVID-19 version of the map will be shown respectively.

For example, this URL:, will display the world map based on COVID-19 statistics. To display the map of the US states, you will modify the URL as follows: Sequentially, to display the COVID-19 statistics map for all counties in California, the URL is modified as follows:

Remember that you need to place the URL within the iFrame in order to display the map in your website, as follows:

<iframe src="" title="ncovtrack - COVID & Vaccination Statistics" height='500' width='928'> </iframe>

Then, all you do is copy and paste the iFrame to your website. Give it a different width and height if needed and you're all set!

Whats new in 1.1.1?

Now you can add the parameter showTable=true after the produced URL to also display a table of the statistics below the map. Of course, you may need to change the height of the iFrame Window to show the table. Here's an example:

<iframe src="" title="ncovtrack - COVID & Vaccination Statistics" height='500' width='928'> </iframe>

To include only the table statistics without the map, then add the parameter showMap=true. For example:

<iframe src="" title="ncovtrack - COVID & Vaccination Statistics" height='500' width='928'> </iframe>

Please, keep in mind that if both showMap and showTable are set to false, then only the map will be displayed.

Please, keep in mind that different countries have different division categories. Below, I list all available country and region maps. Each column, represents the set of parameters. Each row, represents a complete URL by replacing the parameters.

What is it? [map type] [country] [division category] [region] [second division category]
World map covid / vaccine empty empty empty empty
Afghanistan map covid afghanistan provinces empty empty
Albania map covid albania counties empty empty
Algeria map covid algeria provinces empty empty
Argentina map covid argentina provinces empty empty
Australia map covid / vaccine australia states empty empty
Austria map covid / vaccine (only states) austria states / districts empty empty
Belgium map covid belgium regions / provinces empty empty
Brazil map covid / vaccine brazil states empty empty
Bulgaria map covid / vaccine bulgaria provinces empty empty
Canada map covid / vaccine canada provinces empty empty
Chile map covid chile regions empty empty
China map covid china provinces empty empty
Colombia map covid colombia departments empty empty
Denmark map covid denmark municipalities empty empty
France map covid / vaccine france regions / departments (vaccine only) empty empty
Germany map covid / vaccine germany states / districts (covid only) empty empty
Greece map covid / vaccine greece admininstrative-regions / counties / regional-units (vaccine only) empty empty
Greenland map covid greenland municipalities empty empty
India map covid / vaccine india states / districts [all indian states] districts
Ireland map covid ireland counties empty empty
Italy map covid / vaccine italy regions / provinces (covid only) empty empty
Japan map covid japan prefectures empty empty
Kosovo map covid kosovo municipalities empty empty
Mexico map covid mexico states empty empty
Netherlands map covid netherlands provinces / municipalities empty empty
New Zealand map covid new zealand regions empty empty
Nigeria map covid nigeria states empty empty
Norway map covid norway regions empty empty
Pakistan map covid pakistan provinces empty empty
Peru map covid peru regions empty empty
Philippines map covid philippines regions empty empty
Poland map vaccine poland provinces / counties empty empty
Portugal map covid portugal regions / municipalities empty empty
Romania map covid romania counties empty empty
Russia map covid russia federal-subjects empty empty
Slovakia map covid slovania regions empty empty
Slovenia map covid slovenia municipalities empty empty
Spain map covid / vaccine spain autonomous-communities empty empty
Sweden map covid / vaccine sweden counties / municipalities (vaccine only) empty empty
Switzerland map covid / vaccine switzerland cantons empty empty
Tajikistan map covid tajikistan regions empty empty
United Kingdom map covid / vaccine uk nations / regions / utla / ltla [scotland, England] [utla (for Scotland), regions (for England)]
United States map covid / vaccine usa states / counties [every american state] counties
Ukraine map covid ukraine provinces empty empty
Uzbekistan map covid uzbekistan regions empty empty

If you want to see what version of the API you are using, take a look here!